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Saturday, September 24, 2011

some of summer

Andrew and Ella got to be in a childrens pioneer parade downtown around the 4th. Steve walked with them and Ivy, Owen and I watched. This is the only picture I got because I had Owen in my arms and Ivy on my leg the whole time. I think they had fun :)
The hospital has a swim party and dinner each summer and thanks to Grandpa Warner we get to go. The kids loved the swimming and the food was great.
I thinks she looks so cute in her "wimsuit"
Marcia and Owen
Love this picture
Beautiful day up at Silver Lake
bad lighting but oh well

Even with baby Owen we managed to do a few things as a family this summer. Mostly Steve took the kids out and about to movies, dinners, hiking, the park. It was so great of him to keep them busy while I was busy with baby. But to be honest after a while I missed my family! and I was tired of being left behind. I am already looking forward to next summer when things will hopefully be a little easier.

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Char and Chris said...

Never heard of Silver Lake, but it looks beautiful.