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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring Break, Moab

For spring break this year we packed up and headed to Moab. Steve and I haven't been there since we have had kids and that is a LONG time . It was such a great trip and great place for the kids. I love the red rock! We went to Dead Horse Point and Arches. The kids loved climbing on big rocks, Ivy is nuts and thinks she is 25 doing this, and hiking the trails. We were able to make it up to Delicate Arch, so very cool. Ella practically ran this hike, I was so proud of her for being such a trooper. Ivy did well walking half of the time and hitching a ride on Steve's back for the rest. We also swam at the hotel and watched jeeps climb a crazy hill. Steve road Slick Rock and said that was awesome. All in all it was a fun trip for our family. We definitely plan on going back, so much to see and do. Andrew wants to raft down the Colorado next time.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

Let's Play Ball

Spring is here, despite the lame weather... snow?! Hopefully we are done with all that stuff, now if the rain would just stop. Anyway, spring means baseball and Andrew is at it again. He has had 2 games now and they are a lot of fun to watch. He is a great player, coach said the only one who has always gotten on base. He has been playing 2nd base and last game he got 2 kids out. He is on the same team as last year and it is so fun to see all the boys again, they are so cute and all do great. I love to cheer him on. And did you notice my cute girl in her baseball hat? Ella let me know that she would rather play baseball than soccer so I signed her up for t-ball. She was super nervous at first but quickly warmed up and is doing great. She is on a team with her friend Isabella and the coach loves having the girls there. They definitely add some cuteness. He told them after their first game that they were the best hitters. Ella was proud. So here's to the next few months of pure madness and running around. Cheers!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


On April 9th Andrew was baptized along with 3 of his friends. So grateful for Steve that he honors the priesthood and was able to baptize Drew. It was a great day, Andrew was happy and excited. I am sooooo grateful to have the love and support of family. Thank you to those who came to see Andrew, it is such a blessing to be surrounded by such love. I love the pictures of these boys, they are as cute as can be. I know it will be so fun to watch them all grow up together and accomplish things together. What a blessing to have these buddies. I am grateful for the gospel in my life, it brings me peace and happiness. I know Christ lives and that he is my Savior.

Monday, April 11, 2011

jump start

Ivy is getting a jump start on preschool. When I signed her up a few months ago for this coming fall I told the teacher to call me if she had an opening come up. Ivy has had a hard time watching Ella and Andrew leave everyday. At the beginning of the school year there were a lot of tears. Then she moved onto telling me that "tomorrow I get to go to school". So you can imagine her excitement when I got a phone call letting me know that Ivy could start this last week. When I told Ivy she was so excited she smiled and shook haha. So for the next few months she will be going twice a week in the mornings. We went and picked out a backpack, Hello Kitty on wheels, to get her ready. When I dropped her off on her first day she walked right in, sat down on the rug, and started meeting her new buddies. I said goodbye and that I would be back when she was done, she said ok and her teacher looked at me and said "wow, somebody's ready". I love my Ivy Lu and I am proud of her doing this next little step in life. She is a joy!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Andrew is 8

Andrew has turned 8 and man does he look old to me. He is such a funny guy, I love his sense of humor. Now all we have to work on is when it is appropriate :) We just had a small family party, dinner at Costa Vida (he now orders a big burrito), and then homemade icecream sandwiches for dessert. Aunt Amy joined us and all the kids were super excited when she showed up at dinner. Andrew is smart, sometimes too smart, funny, friendly, a thinker, a sports fan, likes to accomplish projects, loves to play with friends, a tease to his sisters, dad's new campout buddy, and mom's favorite boy. We all love him, he is a great kid. Andrew will be baptized tomorrow, I am excited and know it will be a great day. Love you Drewpy