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Monday, February 28, 2011

goodbye winter

I want to work in my yard so bad! I want to sit out on the grass. I want to get the slip n slide going for the kids. I want to go to the pool. I want to see leaves on the trees. I want to see green mountains. I want to be warm. Actually I want to be hot. I want to see my neighbors again. I want the kids running around outside. I want to attempt a garden again. I do love the seasons and the feeling of change in the air, it feels exciting to me. And I actually love a snowy night when the world is bright as day outside. But I am a sunny, warm weather, blue sky, no shoes, girl. So GOODBYE winter!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

tricks of the trade

Andrew showing off his new scout book, he will be 8 next month.

When Andrew woke up this morning he told me he was not going to school. I said okay thats fine but you have to come to the gym with me. (he hates the daycare) Then he said he would go today but not tomorrow, and asked if I was going to the gym tomorrow. I answered yes, he got out of bed, put his clothes on, ate breakfast, and was out the door. I will never stop going to the gym.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ivy Lucile had a birthday

So I am almost caught up, yay. Ivy Lu had her 3rd birthday on January 18th. I am sure I have written this down before but when I was pregnant with Ivy I could feel how sweet she was. I think that is the perfect word to describe her, sweet. She has been a great part of our family and is loved by all. She is a happy and friendly little thing. She loves people and has loads of friends of all ages. We celebrated her birthday by getting her a big girl bed, having friends over for cupcakes, going to McDonalds, and having cake with family. It was quite the week and she wasn't willing to accept that her birthday had come and gone. I can't believe she is already 3, no longer my baby. Ivy I love you to pieces and always will. Happy Birthday babe!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

warm fuzzies, or are they?

Today while picking up Ella from kindergarten her teacher poked her head in my car to let me know of a problem she had been having. In Ella's class they all have "fuzzies" and if they are naughty they lose them. Apparently Ella has lost a fuzzy every day this week. And what for you might ask? What else, Talking. I had to laugh inside, she is my child. Oh the memories of being sent to sit in the hall, moved to another desk, even sent to the principals office and all for talking. So, we had a chat on the way home from school, which she hated, and I told her I would be checking in with her teacher to see how she was doing. This is Andrew's biggest problem at school too, I guess we will see if Ivy follows suit.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I need to get Christmas posted but for some reason I don't quite know what to say. I think my xmas post is the same every year, thats what you get with traditions :) Anyway I just realized that I have not yet posted what's going on with me and my fam in a long time. So what's with me? I'm el prego. I am 19 weeks and feeling pretty darn good. This is by far the best pregnancy I have ever had. It is normally an event we just try to survive. I cry a lot and ask "why?!!!" a lot. I did have morning sickness and was so tired and yucky but it wasn't as bad as others and it left much earlier than the others so I am grateful! I am very excited for this final kid to come to us. I was day dreaming yesterday of being in the hospital snuggling my new one. I am due July 4th, which I think would be a cool bday. The kids are all growing and doing just fine. We are learning that kids in school is a lot of work. Just trying to keep up with that is keeping our evenings busy. Ella is still doing dance and enjoys it. Ivy would like to join her, so maybe in the fall. Ella also loves school and is doing great with her reading. Andrew is always involved in some sport, right now is basketball. He can't sit still a minute and is always looking forward to the next thing. He is a smart kid and does great at school, but lets be honest, he would rather be almost anywhere but school. Ivy is a doll, seriously she is. I am having fun with her. She is a good buddy for shopping, cleaning, story time, and occasionally the gym. Steve is enjoying work and scheeming with his buddies about the next venture. He is already looking forward to the first mountain bike race of the season in March. I am so very grateful to be able to be home with my kids. It is hard and redundant but at the same time sweet and fun. I think that's just life, a mixture of all emotions, always changing and moving ahead. Life is good. I am grateful for awesome family and great friends. So that's my update, and I will check it off my list. peace out brotha!