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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September, Where Are You?

K, seriously this month has disappeared! What in the world? When I go to the store and see Halloween candy and decor it makes me kind of panic. I feel like the summer was a total jip and went by too fast. And now we are a month into school and the leaves are turning, wow. Andrew and Ella are doing great with school. Ella loves it a bit more than Andrew but he is happy everyday because he gets to play football at recess. And speaking of football the kid is playing flag football right now and it is awesome. He loves it and is super happy about it, and for those of you that really know Andrew this is big. He has made a touchdown, caught a pass (at age 7 this is a big deal) and has pulled a number of flags. He told me yesterday when he plays football for the Naval Academy he is going to go by Drew. He has a game tonight I will remember my camera this time. Ivy is still adjusting to the kids being gone. As soon as they leave in the morning she wants to go somewhere too. Mostly we go to the gym, run errands and attend story time at the library. But through all of it she asks about the kids and wants to go get them. I have a feeling that she will be excited to start preschool next year. We had family pictures taken on Saturday and I can't wait to see them. Kate's neighbor took them and she has beautiful pictures on her blog so I'm excited to see how ours turned out. Steve is the Scoutmaster in our ward and is super busy with scouts and the young men. The boys love him and he is enjoying it. I got released from yw a little over a month ago and now teach Ella's class. It has been a hard thing for me to lose but I love that the girls still come find me and give me plenty of hugs on Sunday. Oh another thing that I did this month was go to New Orleans and see Michelle. She moved into a new house and so I went out to help her paint and clean. In return she took me to the yummiest food spots, it was great. I love her, she is a crack up. It was so fun to go on a little vacay and get a break from mommyhood. So that is September in a nutshell. I got 2 years of my blog printed and it is awesome to have, definitely motivates me to keep this up.