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Monday, May 17, 2010

Faster than lightening

I can already tell that this month is going by fast, so quickly I will write down some things we have been up to. Andrew has been all about baseball this month with 2 games a week! He is doing great and I think really enjoying it. He is a great hitter and most times gets on base. It is fun to see him grow and learn and improve. I love to watch him and as you might guess I am a pretty loud supporter. He is also winding down as far as school goes. He is practicing for his 1st grade program that will be next week. He is playing a frog so I will definitely get pictures posted of that. I am anxious for summer to be here so he can run and play all day long. Ella is also working on a program at school and has her 4 lines memorized. She is always happy to run out the door for school and I am glad she loves it. She will have her dance recital in 2 weeks and has been practicing very hard for it. She is a funny little girl and told me today that she does not want to be a grown up but would like to be a baby. But she also said that she doesn't want me to call her a baby haha.... And Ivy Lou is still the focus of the neighborhood. She is growing up so much and talking up a storm. Today at the IFA she told everyone about her chocolate milk, her sister Ella, her pink shirt, her shorts.... and many other things I have no idea. She is a crack up and sweet as sugar. Steve is training for another mountain bike race and I have a triathalon in June. sigh.... busy busy, but life is good and I love it.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mt Bike Race

Steve and a couple of his friends did a Mt. Bike race this Saturday at 5 Mile Pass out past Eagle Mountain. He did a 11 mile loop in an hour and 12. He said it was harder than he thought it would be but made it through looking great. Myself, Jenny (wife to friend and my dear friend) and the kids went out to support the boys. The weather was actually awesome considering the crappy spring we have had. It got cold the last 15 minutes of the race but we survived. I am now aware and will be more prepared for the next race. In a mad rush to get the kids in the car so we wouldn't miss the start I forgot the water bottles and snacks. Also my kids don't believe me when I say it will be cold! Andrew refused to wear a long sleeve and only took a light jacket. Ella picked her pink denim jacket instead of her coat despite my nagging. Anyway we survived and had fun. Oh and after we had tasty burgers for lunch. Now for the picture part. I just want you to be aware that these pictures were all taken by Andrew except for a few of Steve while he was coming in. I think Andrew has a talent for picture taking.