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Friday, April 30, 2010

We've got the Spirit

While driving in the car on Wednesday Ella asked "Mom, do we get our spirit when we are babies, or kids or when we are moms?". I said "You are born with your sprit, its who you are". I love that she is thinking about her spirit. She has the biggest spirit of anyone I know. In fact her spirit is so large and intense that when she was born she scared the crap out of me.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Privacy Please

Am I gonna have to go private? Cause I keep getting retards commenting on my blog from who knows where.... jeesh. I will think about it.

So today in the car Ella was crying and I said "Ella, stop Crying!" and she yelled back "I'm not crying! my eyes are just wet!" ya, whatever....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

2 Birthdays

Ella and Andrew had birthdays in March and as a good mother I didn't take pictures. I know, Im a retard. Its a boring story why but we did video them opening their presents. I am glad we captured Andrew saying "is it clothes.... oh". What a joy my kids can be. With their birthdays being so close we had family come over just once for cake and icecream. And on their birthdays we had them choose their dinner and dessert. Ella asked for nachos and doughnuts. Andrew asked for ribs and icecream cake. Who has the more expensive taste??? I also let them pick an activity to do so Ella and I went and got our toes painted and Steve took Andrew and a friend to lazer tag. I told Andrew that his birthday is a special one because it was the day I became a mother. And now look at me, mother to 3 kids.... wow. I love my kids and I am grateful that I can celebrate their births. They try my patience but also give me joy. One exciting thing that is worth writing down.... Ella has been wearing pull ups at night. I wondered how and when she would ever be a "big girl" and not need them. A week ago we had a girl talk and discussed the plan of wearing underwear at night. She was understanding and excited to give it a go. We have had 2 successful nights of dry sleeping and I couldn't be prouder. What a girl huh? Love you Ella and Andrew! Happy Birthday to you both!