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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Andrew Try's His Foot at Soccer

This fall we signed Andrew up to play soccer for the first time. He joined a team that had 3 of his friends on it. He had a great couch that helped them practice and was just a lot of fun. At Andrew's first game he was a little shy, he kept up with the ball but didn't want to get too close. None the less he had a great time and was happy to be there. So for the 2nd game after maybe the first quarter Steve gave him a little pep talk about getting in there and kicking that ball. And then from the sidelines we yelled our hearts out! It was so funny to see him! He started going for the ball more and giving us side glances after he would kick it or block it and then try not to smile. I was so proud of him for trying and feeling the love from the sidelines. I am also so happy that my fabulous family is such a support and comes to his games, it means a lot to me and him. We even had our awesome neighbors the Allens come watch one. Andrew is such a fun kid and I am happy to be his mom.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Halloween 2009

Our 3rd annual Halloween party was a success with homemade tomato soup, gourmet cheese sandwhiches, lots of candy and cute costumes. I love having family over even though it means lots of noise. Costumes are as follows... Andrew - Stormtrooper, Ella - Kitty Cat, Ivy - Clown, Charlotte and Victoria - Witches, Wyatt - Puppy Dog, Henry - a Pokemon.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Labor Day Weekend in Panguitch

I am trying to catch up...
For labor day weekend we went with the whole fam damily to Panguitch, we were grateful to have Grandma Susie supervise us. We went on a fabulous hike near Bryce Canyon, fished up at the lake and just lounged around. It was fun to be together. There are quite a few little kiddos when we get together so it can be noisy but they are all so cute!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fall means school

This fall Ella started her 2nd year of preschool with her best friend Paige at The New Sunshine Preschool. Ella loves to go to school and is happy to see her teachers and learn. Most of all she can go with Paige and she would say that is the best part. Ella is now learning songs for he Christmas program and is doing great with her writing skills.

Andrew started the 1st grade and so far is thriving. His teacher is Miss Turner and his best buddy Cole is in his class. I am so pleased with his happy attitude with school and homework. I actually couldn't believe how happy he was when he would come home, I thought it would end but he continues to love it. We just had his first parent teacher conference and he is doing great academically, he's just a little roudy sometimes. This is no surprise, look at his dad :) He also loves school lunch and recess. He plays kickball and most recently football. He was so proud of himself because they have been playing with the 3 graders and he "got a hand" on one of the 3rd graders during their touch football game.