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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spring Recital

One of my favorite poses.  To me it says "I'm rockin"

Oh my heck Ella, you were awesome!  I think we can all recall the sad story of Ella's winter dance recital, the tears that were shed...  So Wednesday night was Ella's Spring Recital.  She was excited.  She had shown me a few of her moves and we had talked about being on stage and not getting nervous.  So lucky us she had a dress rehearsal and then the performance which meant we got to see her do her dance 3 times and when I say she rocked the stage I mean she was absolutely awesome!  She danced her little heart out, she did all the steps and knew just what she was doing.  I couldn't be more happy for her.  I have taken her to a few recital's of our neighbor girls and Ella dances all around, she just loves it.  So yipee for Ella, it was a fun night.  Love you Ella Rose Roger Bunzarellie!!!  

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

playing catch up

okay, I am going to try and catch up....  here is what we have been up to for the last month or so.  

Andrew turned 6, I guess you already knew that but here are the pictures to prove it.  1st he had a family party.  
                                     We played a cool game that Grandma Susie gave him.  
                                                          Then he had a friend party.
  Here he is scaling a wall, I was so proud.  
We got to go the the dinosaur museum with grandma Warner and the                                                                                       "other" Warner family.  
                                              Andrew and Ella are digging for bones.  
                                Ivy and cousin Ben playing with grandma at the water table.  
                                         Then came Easter and of course coloring eggs.  
                                       Andrew and Ella happy with their Easter baskets.  
              And here is Ivy with her chocolate marshmallow bunny which I ate, thanks Ivy.  
     I forgot to take their picture in their Easter clothes before church so this is as good as I got.                                                                       Andrew in his undershirt.  
                                          Later that day we went to the park for a picnic.  
                               And the kids searched for eggs, is that some sharing going on?  
     Steve went on a trip so I took the kids down to Glenwood and dragged Ashley with me.  
                                              Wyatt enjoying some lemonade in the shade.  
                Silly kids, we had so much fun playing in the yard and going on the 4 wheeler.  
                             Andrew really handles the 4 wheeler well.... just kidding mom.  
                             It's so hard to leave, Ivy was really upset about the whole thing.  
                         It was a crazy car ride home, we needed another vacation after that!  
                                             Ella freaked out and took her clothes off.  
                        How she can be so crazy on minute and cute the next is beyond me.  
Andrew is signed up for baseball and having a great time.  He really gets into the games yelling at the other kids to get the ball, throw the ball....  
                          He actually likes to play catcher and asks if he can, what a cool kid.  

            okay so now I am caught up.... few....  I will try to keep it that way :) Check ya later.