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Saturday, January 31, 2009

boys night out

this afternoon andrew and steve went to the BYU basketball game.  when they got home andrew was all smiles.  they had fun at the game and then went to the training table for dinner.  steve said they ate themselves sick.  i was jealous to hear steve had a ranch burger and andrew told me he had mac and cheese which he ate using a tooth pick.  he got to see cosmo and says he wants to go to another game.  what a lucky boy to have such a great dad.  

Monday, January 26, 2009


The other day Ella asked for braids while I was doing her hair.  So I came up with a cute do, so I thought.  Ella looked in the mirror, turned her head to the side so she could see and said "mom, my hair looks like a poop".

Thursday, January 22, 2009

party pictures

                     hey, it was my birthday
mom made cupcakes
     I was so excited to get one.
It was very delicious.
Then we opened presents.  I got shoes and super cute clothes.
We played "button, button who's got the button?"
Oh, and the food was great!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby

today when I told my beehives that Ivy's birthday was today they said "oh, how old is she?"  I said "seven".  I know everyone says this but I really can't believe how fast this last year went.  When I was pregnant with Ivy I knew that she would be sweet.  I could FEEL how sweet she was.  I love Ivy for so many reasons.  When she gives kisses it is mouth open and she makes a "mmmmaa" sound.  When she trys to walk and only makes it a few steps she falls and laughs.  When I am changing her diaper she will do the "more" sign and smile at me like she is so smart.  When we are grocery shopping and I get yogurt she fusses until I give her one to hold. When it is bed time she must have one binkie in her mouth and one to hold.  She loves to wrestle.  She is a dear and I am excited to watch her grow.  I love you Ivy Lou!      

Monday, January 12, 2009


lately I haven't felt like blogging, whatever.  
Today in the car ella said "my booms are getting bigger", I thought really?  mine are getting smaller.  She is the craziest person I know.  One minute she is hugging and kissing and being so cute and the next minute she is holding her crotch screaming that she has to pee but won't go to the bathroom.  Yesterday after church Steve had a meeting and I also had a quick meeting in the hall with my advisors.  So needless to say while I was trying talk to them my kids were screaming and wrestling on the floor.  So there was Andrew on the bottom Ella in the middle and poor sweet Ivy in a death grip by Ella on top.  There are times when kids are cute but I would say there are more times when they are completely embarrassing.