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Sunday, December 14, 2008


Ella had a dance recital Friday night.  Here she is waiting in the hall for her turn, next to her is her most favorite, bestest friend the the whole world Paige.  
 Ella was so excited for her recital.  And can you blame her?  Look what she got to wear.  She was so excited to look like a princess, have her hair in a bun like Cinderella and dance on the stage.  As her group entered onto the stage she walking on right behind her friend Paige but due to all the excitement she kept on walking and just about exited the other side.  To my relief she stopped and started the dance.  She actually did a few moves but soon realized that she was all alone on one side of the stage and Paige was no where near by.  I think she tried to keep it together for a few short moments.  She would move her arms around and then quickly wipe the tears that started to flow.  But then it was all too much and she was done dancing and stood there crying until the end of the number.  As soon as the song stopped I ran back stage and grabbed her.  "I wanted to stand by Paige!"  was all she could say, over and over.  I was so sad for her, how traumatic for us both.  So we have talked.  Next time she will hold Paige's hand when they go on stage.  She has also requested a flower, like the one Princess Aurora has in Sleeping Beauty.  (That would be one red rose for those of you who don't know)  I love my Ella.  She is so gorgeous and so sweet.  So here's to Ella, to me she is a dancing queen.    

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


no thinking chair today.... I couldn't be prouder.  Also due to the fact that Andrew ruins all his jeans I went to Shopko to get him 2 more pair.  Apparently Shopko will replace all childrens clothes that get worn out before your child grows out of them.  Brilliant I Say!  When I told Andrew of their policy he was so excited, man he thinks they are smart.  So Andrew is lookin' like a babe in new jeans and a real cool shirt that is black with some camo on it.  Amy, you would love it.  

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

dear, sweet Andrew

today andrew said "I just burped, nobody panic", then he asked me if I knew what panic meant.  try and keep up mom.  andrew is my child that I can't keep up with.  or maybe it is because he is just so dang demanding.  that kids never stops talking, thinking, moving.  and here lies the problem... he wants me to talk to, to think with and to play with.  I could plan out a whole day of activities and the moment we are through and I am trying to get dinner made he is saying he is bored and it has been a boring day.  I'm trying not to take anything he says to personal, he is a 5 year old boy after all.  Anyway he is funny and a smart cookie so I try to focus on that.  
Today when I picked him up from school the teacher told me that he had to sit in the "Thinking Chair" twice for rough housing.  He said the first time he was running away from the alledged "rough houser" and the 2nd time he was slapping his own knee and a kid got to close and he hit him instead.  What to believe?  I don't know, I guess we will try better tomorrow.