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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

4 stitches

rough and tough Ella split her toe open Thursday night and Friday morning things weren't looking good, so it was off to urgent care for some stitches. She was brave and watched the whole thing. She kept saying "I want to go home." and "I don't want those strings on me." but she made it through. I was a little more frazzled than she was, when I was filling out the form I couldn't remember how to spell toe. Let's just say my stomach was in knots and I felt a little faint.
This last weekend we went down to glenwood with grandparents and cousins. The kids always have fun there, it is a magical place. They play all day, get dirty and ride the fourwheeler till the sun goes down. I woke up Sunday morning with a swollen eye ball, yes not just a puffy eye but my eye ball was protruding out of my head. It was sick and it didn't go away until around noon, what the heck happened? I don't know. anyway, good times.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

some pictures of the summer so far

Last night I had this weird dream... everywhere I went my dog daisy was there and everyone was like "Daisy, how are you!". I said "How do you know my dog?" "Oh she comes to visit all the time." they said.
I feel so blogger savvy, I just put together my first slide show.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

bitten by the blogging bug

This summer... watching kids ride bikes, swim lessons, visiting with cousins, staying up late with the sun, slip n slide, weeding my flower beds, going to the pool... I have felt that there has been no time to blog, especially with Ivy Lou by my side. But lately I have been bitten by the bug and would like to enter back into the blogging world. The kids have definitely kept me busy. They are both getting taller and wiser. They both will be in school in a couple of weeks, Andrew in kindergarten and Ella in preschool. I feel that the 2 days a week when they are both at school will be priceless and I am so looking forward to it. Ivy is almost 7 months now. She rolls all over, gets onto her hands and knees, and truly is a delight. She will smile for anyone and is a cuddlebug, I love her.
This month has been Warner month with 2 of Steve's sisters visiting from out of state. We had a fun time playing with cousins and laughing with each other. We will be going to Glenwood with DeAnn and her kids in a week, it should be fun.
I made a goal this summer to run 3 5k races. I am happy to report that I accomplished my goal. I would love a running partner if anyone is interested, I did them by myself which was fine but I am sure it would be more fun with a buddy. Ashley and I are running a 5K in September. (Ashley I just told everyone you are running so no bailing!)
I am anticipating the waking of Ivy any minute so that will have to be all for now.