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Thursday, April 24, 2008

how hard can it be?

I will tell you.... I have been thinking up some very clever blogs, you know I think I am pretty funny. Any time I sit down at the computer a number of things happen, Ivy cries, my kids climb all over me saying "I want to play PBSKids", the doorbell rings, the phone rings.... it goes on. So the other night I finally had some time alone, I composed a fabulous blog, took the time to put about 6 picture on of our trip to Arizona and then of course one of those distractions took me away. Never fear I thought I will finish it up later. So later came and I went down to the computer and "what in the heck!" where did my post go? I ran up stairs to Steve "I spent all evening running up and down the stairs trying to post a blog, put on pictures and now it is gone! I have had it, I give up!" "Oh, I saw it but it just looked like a bunch of jibberish, sorry" replies Steve "Those were all the pictures" I said. sigh...
So, our trip was fun. I do not have the time or energy to go on about it.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Check our photo shoot we had on Saturday, thanks to Jodi Palmer! I think my kids should think about modeling. We are off to Mesa tomorrow, give me some sun.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

birthday and a blessing

the month of march is officially nuts. after Ella's birthday there was Easter, Andrew's birthday and then Ivy's baby blessing. Andrew's pirate party was a success, crazy, but a success. After a treasure hunt, pin the sword on the pirate, cake and then skull tattoo's I was wiped out. The next day we blessed Ivy along with her cousin Ben. I love seeing Bill, Whitney and their kids, I wish they lived closer. Ivy looked so cute in her blessing dress (worth every penny, steve) and her dad gave her a beautiful blessing. Now for April we have T-Ball and a trip to Arizona. I am so looking forward to the hot sun, hopefully I can get some sort of a tan. Kate pointed out that she hasn't seen me this white in quite a while. So I guess that's all for now. Finding time to blog is getting tricky.