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Monday, November 12, 2007

not scary, it's fun

This is something Ella says often, and it is normally directed to Drew. We went to the Zoo this last week and boy oh boy... Andrew was freaked out most of the time. Here in Utah most of the animal inclosures are indoor, I have to explain to my desert friends. So we would walk up to a small builing with a gorilla on the door and there was no way Andrew was going inside. He kept running away from me saying "I'm not going in there!". Ella on the other hand was very eager to see what was inside. Well, the zoo has a white crocodile right now and I thought that would be awesome to see. So we walked up to what looked like a green house, Andrew was nervous but just wanted me to hold him. I opened the door and as soon as he saw the plants and little fountain he freaked out screaming and kicking, I quickly had to run out. So this Saturday afternoon I went back to the zoo with some help, Steve. Ella and I were able to see the croc and Andrew did much better. So you can see it wasn't scary, it was fun.

And just something funny... Saturday while we were driving in the car Ella said "I have fireworks come out of my bum."