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Friday, August 3, 2007

on your own

I say when kids stop napping they are on their own, time to go out and make homes for themselves. I got that last line from the 3 little pigs. Our house is so humid that Ella is all curls. I keep thinking that the table is dirty because it is sticky but I have now realized it is wet from the swamp. We left Daisy's leash in our old back yard and I finally remembered to get her one today while I was out. She is getting a little chubby so we must start walking. I pray everyday that I will start feeling better so life will get back to normal. I have been stressed out. If you ask me now I would not recommend having a baby to anyone, so ask me in January and I will be drunk with baby love and will want another one. Ashley's baby is so cute. It is nice to have a tiny baby to hold and remind myself what comes out of all this yuckiness. ciao.