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Thursday, July 26, 2007


In our new lovely rental we are lucky to have a nice swamp cooler. I am trying to figure out really their purpose because cooling doesn't seem to be it. I have a great father-in-law who loves swamp coolers. He will talk about how great they are, how you can direct the flow of air by opening windows and such. So I have been opening windows, closing doors, keeping shades closed to get some relief but still our house is well above 80 and quite unpleasant to be in. So every morning I drag my kids to Kates, poor Kate. Andrew is tired of it so he acts ornery as soon as we get there but I don't know what to do. Meanwhile back at home everything in the house is sticky and the carpet directly under the swamp is giving off an unpleasing oder. I have invested in some Febreez and if you want to love something it should be Febreez not swamp coolers. Man that stuff can make your house smell like you have been cleaning all day, it's amazing. I never thought I would say this but some cooler weather is welcome my way.

I hope no Larry's were hurt in the creation of this blog.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

name change

did you notice the name change? I am no longer coming to you from the desert. Do you have a song that whenever you hear it you just might cry? or it just takes you back? or it is just so super awesome you can't get enough? or it makes your heart melt? yeah, me too.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

can't do this in mesa

Andrew and I went hiking. I love that we can be up in the canyon in 15 minutes, can't do that in mesa. Although you can feel like you are in Mexico in less than 5.
The other day I was sick on the couch trying to stay somewhat concious of my kids when Andrew came yelling, "Ella pooped and took off her diaper!" That got my attention. As I approached the situation I noticed many spots that had been contaminated by the poop. The one I didn't notice right at first I put my hand in. So there I am cleaning up the poop, sick. After things were a little under control and carpet cleaner had been sprayed heavily on all poopy spots I stepped away to get another rag. I soon heard the kids laughing and carrying on. As I entered the room Ella was spraying carpet cleaner all over the TV, it only took one minute and that was it, the TV no longer works. This is a day when you say to yourself "what was I thinkin' having two kids?!". Oh my heck I am going to have three, save me now.
On the up side.... can't think of one right now but I am sure something will come to me.