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Sunday, December 30, 2007

I got nothin'

I try and try to keep this bloggin' thing up but most of the time I sit down and I got nothin'. I do enjoy snooping around everyone else's though. So for now I am signing off, but who know's maybe I will come up with something clever to say later. Also, I have a feeling that another baby might prevent any free blogging time.

Monday, November 12, 2007

not scary, it's fun

This is something Ella says often, and it is normally directed to Drew. We went to the Zoo this last week and boy oh boy... Andrew was freaked out most of the time. Here in Utah most of the animal inclosures are indoor, I have to explain to my desert friends. So we would walk up to a small builing with a gorilla on the door and there was no way Andrew was going inside. He kept running away from me saying "I'm not going in there!". Ella on the other hand was very eager to see what was inside. Well, the zoo has a white crocodile right now and I thought that would be awesome to see. So we walked up to what looked like a green house, Andrew was nervous but just wanted me to hold him. I opened the door and as soon as he saw the plants and little fountain he freaked out screaming and kicking, I quickly had to run out. So this Saturday afternoon I went back to the zoo with some help, Steve. Ella and I were able to see the croc and Andrew did much better. So you can see it wasn't scary, it was fun.

And just something funny... Saturday while we were driving in the car Ella said "I have fireworks come out of my bum."

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

old Mcdonald had a donkey

We went and walked around Wheeler Farm the other day. If you happen to go there here are just a few tips, well really just one important one, don't feed the geese! Luckily I did not take bread for the ducks and geese but one poor mother did. She and her small children were chased around by 30 loud, scary geese. She took refuge on top of a picnic table, I got my kids away from there so I don't know if she ever got away. I hope she is still not stuck on that table. Geese are scary, and they are big, and I hear they can be mean so I am not taking any chances. We used to feed the ducks a lot at the canal is blessed Mesa but we have yet to find a good duck spot here. You can see in some of the pictures the geese all going one direction, GET THE BREAD! they are all saying.
Steve and I had to talk in church on Sunday, Steve brought up it is the second talk for this pregnancy, I don't think that is fair. But I was thinking if I were still in Mesa it would have been our primary program that I would have had to write so I think that would have been a far more stressful situation. My thoughts were with you Karen!
Just starting yesterday if I ask Ella a question and her answer is not yes she says "no way". Where did that come frome? She is stinkin funny. So today if someone asks you something and your answer is not yes please say "no way", see what reaction you get. It's better than just saying no.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Have you ever been infused? Well, I am infused all the time. Actually I am confused but Andrew says infused. Sometimes I think it is actually a more appropriate word for the situation. I am sitting here wondering when Darth Vedar (I have no idea how to spell that) entered the room, but I just realized it is my printer. Steve left this morning for San Fran and he will be gone a whole week. I pray for sanity! please!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Holy comments Batman

This has been a lot to take in... comments.... wow. Hey welcome Ryan and Karen! Ryan, it has been a long time. I checked out your webpage and I am interested in the fact that your favorite food is cream cheese.

Yesterday Andrew came home from preschool with a couple of jokes, I thought I would share.

What did the one mummy say to the other mummy? GET A LIFE! he he
How many people are dead in a cemetery? ALL OF THEM!

Andrew is still struggling with his choice for Halloween. The Devil is out (says his mother), but the Grim Reaper is still on the table. It is important to Andrew that he is something scary and that he will carry some sort of weapon. I told him that we must make a decision soon or we will be out of luck. Last yeat I was very last minute with Halloween. The store had no candy and I had to talk the kids into being ghosts. I actually had an old white sheet, they looked great.

Lastly, and this has been something that has been bugging me since we moved here. There is a road that I drive on almost everyday, it is on the way to Target. It is the dumbest road I have ever encountered. On purpose it is the bumpiest dang thing you will ever drive on. Any part of your body that might jiggle will jiggle while driving on this road. There are cracks in the road every 8 feet or so, so this causes you to bounce up and down uncontrollably. It makes you feel like you have a serious problem, or like you are trotting along on a horse. And if you feel queazy don't even attempt to make the drive, it will just make things worse. Why did they make the road this way? I can't figure it out.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

comment complex

I have a problem. I have a serious complex, it stresses me out if no one comments on my blog. I know that sounds lame, I should get a self esteem. But anyway, after I blog I check everyday to see if anyone has commented. I figure if no one is checking out my blog and reading it then what's the point? My sister Kate has been faithful with her comments and I appreciate it, but where is everyone else? She isn't my only friend, well atleast I thought I knew more people. It's like I am back in highschool, I try to pretend it doesn't matter but really it does. So for my therapy I will blog on, even if no one comments. And my blogs will be funny and great and I will enjoy them.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I have completed my assignment

The rules:
A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.
B. Each player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves.
C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

I am confused by Rule A, posted at what beginning? anyway...

1. I hate unpredictable bugs; grasshoppers, big crazy flies, moths
2. Sometimes when I am almost asleep I make a Hmmm sound that wakes me up. Steve always says "what?" and I get mad because I didn't mean to make any noise, just trying to sleep.
3. In Preschool I got the Miss Tidy award and I still have a desire to keep things tidy, and yes I do think people have a serious problem if they are super messy/dirty.
4. To go along with #3, I love cleaning products.
5. I am almost all gray, atleast on top.
6. To go along with #5, I enjoy prunes.

Okay, I tag Kristen H., Brian and Karen. I know that is only 3 people but the other people I know have been tagged already.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Blog Block

it's like having a brain block, nothing to say, feeling boring. I am totally excited that I have 2 people who care about the condition of my blog, thanks. I will try harder.
Life is starting to feel normal. It took a while for Utah to feel normal to me, also it took a while for me to feel like I would not puke. I love October and I am excited to actually experience fall, it has been years. Here are some pictures of what we have been doing. We took a trip to Arizona and closed on our house down there, yea!!
Kate has given me a blog assingment so I will get that done as soon as possible. Right now I am going to make pancakes for my kids.

Friday, August 3, 2007

on your own

I say when kids stop napping they are on their own, time to go out and make homes for themselves. I got that last line from the 3 little pigs. Our house is so humid that Ella is all curls. I keep thinking that the table is dirty because it is sticky but I have now realized it is wet from the swamp. We left Daisy's leash in our old back yard and I finally remembered to get her one today while I was out. She is getting a little chubby so we must start walking. I pray everyday that I will start feeling better so life will get back to normal. I have been stressed out. If you ask me now I would not recommend having a baby to anyone, so ask me in January and I will be drunk with baby love and will want another one. Ashley's baby is so cute. It is nice to have a tiny baby to hold and remind myself what comes out of all this yuckiness. ciao.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


In our new lovely rental we are lucky to have a nice swamp cooler. I am trying to figure out really their purpose because cooling doesn't seem to be it. I have a great father-in-law who loves swamp coolers. He will talk about how great they are, how you can direct the flow of air by opening windows and such. So I have been opening windows, closing doors, keeping shades closed to get some relief but still our house is well above 80 and quite unpleasant to be in. So every morning I drag my kids to Kates, poor Kate. Andrew is tired of it so he acts ornery as soon as we get there but I don't know what to do. Meanwhile back at home everything in the house is sticky and the carpet directly under the swamp is giving off an unpleasing oder. I have invested in some Febreez and if you want to love something it should be Febreez not swamp coolers. Man that stuff can make your house smell like you have been cleaning all day, it's amazing. I never thought I would say this but some cooler weather is welcome my way.

I hope no Larry's were hurt in the creation of this blog.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

name change

did you notice the name change? I am no longer coming to you from the desert. Do you have a song that whenever you hear it you just might cry? or it just takes you back? or it is just so super awesome you can't get enough? or it makes your heart melt? yeah, me too.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

can't do this in mesa

Andrew and I went hiking. I love that we can be up in the canyon in 15 minutes, can't do that in mesa. Although you can feel like you are in Mexico in less than 5.
The other day I was sick on the couch trying to stay somewhat concious of my kids when Andrew came yelling, "Ella pooped and took off her diaper!" That got my attention. As I approached the situation I noticed many spots that had been contaminated by the poop. The one I didn't notice right at first I put my hand in. So there I am cleaning up the poop, sick. After things were a little under control and carpet cleaner had been sprayed heavily on all poopy spots I stepped away to get another rag. I soon heard the kids laughing and carrying on. As I entered the room Ella was spraying carpet cleaner all over the TV, it only took one minute and that was it, the TV no longer works. This is a day when you say to yourself "what was I thinkin' having two kids?!". Oh my heck I am going to have three, save me now.
On the up side.... can't think of one right now but I am sure something will come to me.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

coming to you from my in-laws

I missed the cable guy and now we won't have internet for another week. Steve said it was almost a deal breaker. holy moly, that is dramatic. I feel like I am on some sort of strange vacation and in a couple of days we will be heading back to Arizona. Blogging sounded like a good idea to me at first but now I don't feel like I have much to say.... Steve has come down with a cold and do you know what he said!? "you just have no idea how I feel" I know! He is totally making fun of me. Who's been pregnant? anyone? you have no idea how bad a person can feel until you get pregnant, I am already over it.
Oh, has anyone noticed the power Barrilla has over our family? He totally does. He once said that my mom's dog was funnier than I was I about went into deep depression. Then he tells Kate she is funny when she swears and I swear that is why she swears. And then Ashley... she thinks she is stinkin' funny because Barrilla said so and she mentions it all the time in her blog. I think he has also made it on a few list my sisters have created. Oh the power. And look at me getting sucked in again. Barrilla, you will forever be a gibbs girl favorite. the end.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dear Brian

So I had big plans for this weekend, have some food, friends, hang out... Then all of a sudden I am pregnant and I am about to lose my cookies any minute. So the minute I feel up to it something will go down. I would also like to extend an invitation to Barrilla. My sisters doubt he will show up to a shindig at my house so I am hoping to prove them wrong. I hope no one felt liked they got ditched for this is not the case. Just a bad case of the pukes. peace out.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


so we are moving in a few days and our house is in disarray. Anyway we have to speak in church today! what? I have procrastinated long enough and so this morning I am finally working on my talk. Luckily we don't have church until 2. It is too bad that none of you will be able to make it, I'm sure that my talk will be super awesome.
We are thinking that we will be able to leave on Thursday, Wednesday if we are lucky, so what I am getting at is dinner at my house on Saturday. You know like, hey we just moved here be our friends dinner. I will let you all know later about the details. I can't wait to get out of here and get up there! have a lovely day at church.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

the bag is out of the cat

I mean the cat is out of the bag. We are moving to Utah, yes you heard me. Oh, I am so excited. I do love the desert, the cactus, the lizards and the sunsets, and I will miss them all dearly. How did this all happen you might ask. Well Steve went to a conference in April and met up with an old friend, they needed a guy, Steve was their guy and there you go. We have kept it all a secret just in case things fell apart, I don't think my mom could have handled it, but it is a for sure thing now. So look out Utah, here we come, can you handle it? We are moving up June 14th and renting a house in Sandy until we figure out just where we want to be, I was thinking Magna? Anyway, my prayers are answered and I am no longer a lonely duck in the desert. Quack!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

stinkin' cute


I love little girls in their swinsuits running around playing in the water and the sand, all sporting a permanent snuggy. Little buns are such a joy. And of course bean burritos must follow the water fun. I feel proud I finally got ella a swimsuit. Her exact words about the whole thing were "oh, cute".

Sunday, May 20, 2007

guns at church?

Today while we at church Steve drew a picture for Andrew. It was a really cool fort that had a gun, sword, numchucks, and various weapons. I had to laugh.

Friday, May 18, 2007

I have a comment

I think I am spending too much time commenting on everyone else's blogs and my blog now need serious help. I am trying to think of something just one thing to write about. hmmmm.....
Did you guys know that I live in the ghetto, or maybe mexico, depends on the day. A while back we had a serial shooter that was terrorizing phoenix. I thought "well atleast I live in mesa and he's not where we are". Well, he shot one person just down the street from us and then he was caught in his apartment just up the road. Then I was at scrapbooking and BANG!!!! gun shots fired. It scard the you know what out of me. The jr. high my kids should go to (if we stick around for that!, no thank you) had a girl bring a gun to school. Crap, I just remembered that mom is going to read this. I feel like a tough chick now, nothin' scares me. I'm living in the big city! Good thing I have my dog. I tell her to kill anyone that enters the yard. And now I have bad feelings towards mexicans. There is some serious, crazy stuff going on with those folks. We had a family move into the neighborhood and a uhaul pulls up and out jump 20 people! Time to call the cops. Oh the stories could go on and on.

Just a side note I hope you check out the great things drew says, cause he is killin' me.

Time to get back to neighborhood watch.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

the kiddies

Doesn't everyone need a good hug? I love the dress ella is wearing, she is my hawaiian princess. We had fun with grandma and grandpa this weekend.

Monday, May 14, 2007

I am embarrassed I spelled embarrassed wrong

what's with the hair?

okay here is my life struggle... hair. My sister Amy has always had long, thick, awesome hair (which she always complains about) and I am forever jealous. Then my sister Kate decides she too will have long, thick, awesome hair. Then my sister Ashley will knock you over with her awesome blonde locks. What the heck! I have struggled through many hair styles, colors, and even a perm. Oh yeah, and once it was green, yeah you heard me green! Now I have fried, crapy, plain jane hair. I suppose I could shave it like that lame girl, but I don't think I have the face to support such a do. So now what? I think I like myself with more blonde but my hair is literally falling out I don't think that will be possible for a while. Oh the pain, the sorrow, the embarrasment. What am I to do? At this point a good support group might be my only hope.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Man we have been busy, I have a permanant headache. Right now my in-laws are here to visit. I love to have visitors, so if you have been wanting to come, COME! Oh by the way it was 105 today so if the heat bothers you maybe you should wait for 5 months. Did you know your knees can sweat?

Sunday, May 6, 2007

She's Crafty?

For 2 days I have tried to make a poster for Primary and for some reason I just can't do it. I have made 2 ugly ones and now that I have ran out of time I will have to use one of them. It is a little embarassing because it looks like one of the kids did it. I am not sure where my creative juice has gone. I thought I was pretty crafty.
Steve and Andrew had father's and son's campout this weekend so that meant ladies night for Ella and myself. We went to Target and then we gave each other pedicures, well actually I gave the pedicures. Ella loves to get dolled up. I wish I had some sistas around, they could have joined us. But no, I am just a little lonely duck in the desert. Quack.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

givin' you the bird

Scary Bird

In the 3rd or 4th grade we learned how to draw a bird. I have always remembered that and so I felt quite confident in my skills to draw a bird. My kids like to have me draw pictures for them on the magnadoodle, so one day I said "how about a bird?". Ella thought this was a good idea so I began to draw. When I was finished Ella was covering her eyes and saying "scary bird". I am trying not to take offense, so now we do it for a good laugh. "scary bird, scary bird!"
Andrew is now done with preschool for the year and man I don't know what to do. Talk about boring! It is also starting to get hot outside so we can't even go to the park anymore. Any suggestions? I have taken up shopping, but I am not sure if that is really the most responsible thing to do.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Nerd alert

I have not done a single thing for the last 3 days due to my obsessive reading. I just finished part 2 to Twilight, New Moon. I tried to tell Steve about it so he would think it was cool like me but when vampires came up I don't think he was too interested. Anyway, awesome books, so fun to read, and pretty intense.
Steve did great on his adventure race. They went about 26 miles and had funny stories to tell. I have decided to do a race with Steve in Flagstaff in June. It is 4-5 miles walk/run and a 12 mile bike, sound fun? I have always wanted to be tough so I guess this is a step in that direction.
So now back to laundry, cleaning and doing a better job supervising the kids.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

smoking at church?

Today on the news there was a report about the new ban on smoking in public places in arizona. Andrew had (of course) many questions and so I explained that the new rule said people could not smoke in stores and stuff. And then has said "not even at church?".

Steve had his adventure race today and I am waiting for him to get back. It is a bunch of running, hiking, biking and kayaking. I am excited to see how it went. As for me I had my own adventure with my kids. Thankfully we are going out with the other team members and their wives tonight so there will be some sanity today, all is not lost.

Friday, April 27, 2007

help wanted

I am looking for a babysitter. The job is everyday from 6:00am to 8:00am. The job requires much patience as Ella will cry the whole time because she is tired from waking up too early. Please send in your resume and I will make a decision by Monday.

I thought I liked the sun but not at 5 in the mornng, go away sun! Maybe if I was a farmer I would appreciate the sun waking me up so I could go out and milk the cows.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I was thinking about naming my next child Sanjaya, like it?

At the store today Ella was singing "Twinkle, Twinkle". I was enjoying the music while I picked out vitamins when an older woman said "children have their own language". I smiled and thought how Ella was singing on tune and it was quite clear what she was singing. Am I the mom that thinks my child sings like an angel while others wish she would just be quiet? I say sing sweet angel!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Don't throw the sand!

Yesterday while watching something on PBS with my kids Andrew removed his stinky sneakers from his feet. I immediately noticed the terrible smell rising from his toes. It took Andrew only a minute to say "it smells like a dog". I pointed out it was his feet and we teased that if a robber came to the house he could defend us with his rank toes.
Today we had good times in the sun at the park, why do kids think it is fun to throw sand? I think each time we go I say "Dont throw the sand!" atleast 3 times.